9. Why Do People Not Believe that Evolution Happened? ==>
   9.3. Specious Arguments Against Evolution ==>
     9.3.2. Nature of specious arguments ==> "Scientific" Arguments

The "scientific" arguments presented below all originate from employees of ....

They "publish" in their own journals and present at their own conferences. And then go to seminars to present their nonsense to adoring Christians eager to hear how science has it all wrong. NONE of them have ever published creation jibberish in a legitimate academic journal.

The "science researchers" at claim that they are discriminated against by academia. They claim that no one will publish their "research".

The movie, "Expelled" with Ben Stein promulgated this thesis.

Well of course they are not hired or published. Neither are self-proclaimed geographers who claim the earth is flat; neither are self-proclaimed geologists who claim the oldest rock is less than 10,000 years old, neither are self-proclaimed historians who deny the Halocust, neither are astronomers who believe the sun rotates around the earth. Get it?

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and in this regard GCDV is an extraordinary failure