9. Why Do People Not Believe that Evolution Happened? ==>
   9.3. Specious Arguments Against Evolution ==>
     9.3.2. Nature of specious arguments ==> "Scientific" Arguments ==> "fossils deposited by Noah's flood"

See http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/geocolumn/ for evidence that

There is NO WAY fossils could have been deposited by the flood.


  • Fossils of mammals are not found with the earliest dinosaurs
  • no primates are found until the Ft. Union formation or that

  • no full dinosaur skeletons are found in the Tertiary section
  • Worldwide, no whales are found with the large Devonian fish.
    If the column was an ecological burial pattern, then whales and porpoises should be buried with the fish.
    They aren't.

    The order of the fossils must be expla target="_blank">ined either by progressive creation or evolution.