5. The Evidence for the Theory is Irrefutable

. The evidence is overwhelming in weight. It is irrefutable.

Here's the outline of the evidence presentation:

1. There are fossils that document the evolution of man from single celled "cyanobacteria" (3.8 BILLION Years Ago) to Homo Sapiens.

2. We know how old the fossils are because we know that ...
The universe is approximately 13 BILLION years old
The earth is approximately 4.8 BILLION years old

3. Genetic research documents the commonallity of our genetic makeup all the way back to the original bacteria!

4. We humans contain vestages of our ancestors quirks (e.g. some people are born with a tail)

5. Our anatomy demonstrates that we have evolved from primates


All available evidence supports the central conclusions of evolutionary theory, that life on Earth has evolved and that species share common ancestors.

What follows in the pages that follow is a compendium of the scientific evidence for the process of evolution as first documented by Charles Darwin. There were others before Darwin who began thinking there was some truth other than the biblical explanation.

Unassailable Evidence

The weight of the evidence is overwhelming, from independent lines of research in multiple disciplines.

You can dismiss one line with some unlikely "explanation" but then, boom; you've got another discipline that supports evolution and you have to come up with another, highly unlikely scenario to explain it away. Pretty soon, you realize that the probability of all your explanations actually being true is zero.

In dismissing the scientific evidence, you have to disprove some of their fundamental theorems for that is what is used to support the conclusion that evolution happened.

There is no one place or principle or fact or theory that, if disproved, disproves evolution. It is supported by thousands of facts across multiple (geology, microbiology, palenteology, cosmology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, botany) disciplines. How this is so is the subject of the next pages of this website.

More Evidence

What Darwin Didn't Know
A PBS presentation Dec 29, 2009

Click here to see astonishing prooflets http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/beta/evolution/darwin-never-knew.html


1. Radiometric dating relies on half-life decay of radioactive elements to allow scientists to date rocks and materials directly.

2. Stratigraphy provides a sequence of events from which relative dates can be extrapolated.

3. Molecular clocks allow scientists to use the amount of genetic divergence between organisms to extrapolate backwards to estimate dates.