5. The Evidence for the Theory is Irrefutable ==>

5.4. Not Convinced? Then Disprove Fundamentals


Not convinced? Then you have to disprove all the evidence that has accumulated in the disparate scientific fields.

The overwhelming evidence for evolution comes not from a single scientist, not from a single experiment, not from a single scientific discipline but from thousands of researchers, each seeking new information in their own scientific endeavor.

Only ONE of those disciiplines, paleontology, is directly involved in studying the past. All the other disciplines contribute to the theory of evolution (a "theory" is an accepted scientific explanation of a phenonoma) indirectly.

Unassailable Evidence

There is no one place or principle or fact or theory that, if disproved, disproves evolution. It is supported by thousands of facts across multiple (geology, microbiology, palenteology, cosmology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, botany) disciplines. The weight of the evidence is overwhelming, from independent lines of research in multiple disciplines.

In dismissing the scientific evidence provided by just one discipline, you have to disprove some of their fundamental theorems for that is what is used to support the conclusion that evolution happened. But then, an assault upon the scientific integrity of one field of science (e.g. biology) quickly becomes an assault upon all of science - e.g. taking down astronomy and physics to fashion a case against evolution.

You can dismiss one line with some unlikely "explanation" but then, boom; you've got another discipline that supports evolution and you have to come up with another, highly unlikely scenario to explain it away. Pretty soon, you realize that the probability of all your explanations actually being true is zero.

The contributions of each discipline are presented in the next nine web pages.