5. The Evidence for the Theory is Irrefutable ==>
   5.2. Circumstancial Evidence ==>

5.2.9. Scientific Professional Organizations Certain Darwin Got It Right

The following organizations are representative of the many scientific professional organizations that USE Darwin's theory as a <hl>fundamental truth</hl> in their discipline.

White paper supporting evolution http://www.rci.rutgers.edu/~ecolevol/fulldoc.pdf prepared and endorsed by:

American Society of Naturalists,

Society for the Study of Evolution,

Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution,

Ecological Society of America

Society of Systematic Biologists

Genetics Society of America

Animal Behavior Society

Paleontological Society

American Institute of Biological Sciences


American Association for Advancement Of Science http://www.aaas.org/

National Academy of Science http://www.nasonline.org/site/PageServer

Special Section on Evolution http://nationalacademies.org/evolution/

American Institute of Biological Sciences http://www.aibs.org/evolution-initiatives/

American Society of Human Genetic http://www.ashg.org/education/darwinday_about.shtml

" Darwin's idea is the <hl target="_blank">>unifying concept underlying all </a> of genetics, organismal biology, developmental biology, biochemistry, physical anthropology, archaeology, paleontology, and many other disciplines related to how species came to be as they are today".

http://www.genetics-gsa.org/pages/darwin.shtml Genetics Society of America</a>

http://www.paleosoc.org/evolutioncomplete.htm The Paleontological Society </a>

http://www.smbe.org/ Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution</a> of course. But note the "Molecular Biology" part!

http://www.amnat.org/ American Society of Naturlists

http://www.geosociety.org/ Geological Society Of America</a>

<bq> Click http://rock.geosociety.org/Bookstore/toc/spe446.htm HERE </a> to view the table of contents of a journal "The Geology of Early Humans in the Horn of Africa". There are 10 papers, 17 authors represented in this one (of hundreds) obscure journal. </bq>

These societies do not USE Darwin's theory of evolution but they provide infrastructure support

http://aas.org American Astronomical Society</a> provides proof of the age of the Universe.

A statement produced by the AAS:

<bq>Concerned by the tendency to de-emphasize the teaching of evolution, the President and Council of the American Astronomical Society issued a formal statement on behalf of the astronomical community in 2000.

<bq2> "Research . . . has produced clear, compelling and widely accepted evidence that astronomical objects and systems evolve. That is, their properties change with time, often over very long time scales. Specifically, the scientific evidence clearly indicates that the Universe is 10 to 15 billion years old, and began in a hot, dense state we call the Big Bang.</bq></bq>

. .

The science done by all the people represented by these societies is wrong?