5. The Evidence for the Theory is Irrefutable ==>
   5.1. Direct Evidence ==>

5.1.6. Sex

Sex drives evolution. It's all about sex!

Passing on your genes.

Males display, females choose.

It's built in.

Sharks one of first vertibrates to evolve a penis. From sharks to insects, birds, reptiles.

Sharks penis allowed sharks to inject sperm directly into female. One of first to physically connect during sex. Not friendly.

First pregnant species. Leads to birth of large, fully formed pups.

Prior to penis there was asexual - make copies of yourself. Same same genitic weakspots susseptible to being wiped out.

Coral reproduces by releasing sperm and egg. But egg from same coral does not mate with sperm of that coral.

May have been way early creatures reproduced.

Once out of the water, the ambiotic egg gave reptiles the ability to reproduce on land since they couldn't spread their sperm in the water.

What about dinosaurs? So big! How did they mate? Weight prevents rear mount, so does large tail.

Researcher believes they did it like cats... where female lays down and male squats on top of her.


Male wants to fertilize ALL females. Female wants multiple males.

Stick insects: Male attaches to female for weeks to prevent any other male from fertilizing female's eggs.

Cockroaches: Evolution has given them traits that makes them impossible to eliminate

Ability to go one month without food

Last hours without oxygen

Rapid reproduction - female can retain sperm from one act of sex for multiple pregnancies!