5. The Evidence for the Theory is Irrefutable ==>
   5.1. Direct Evidence ==>
     5.1.2. Genetic Evidence ==> Fruit Fly -> Nobel Prize in Genetics*
*(One does not have to understand anything presented on this page.
The point is, there ARE people who DO understand this
AND it is FUNDAMENTAL to their discipline).


A Nobel prize was awarded to researchers for showing how the fruit fly so closly resembles human genetics that it can be used for research on human diseases. Doesn't this point to evolution?

In 1995, Ed Lewis, Christiane Nusslein-Volhard and Eric Wieschaus, who led early work on Drosophila (fruit fly) developmental genetics, were awarded the http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/medicine/laureates/1995/ Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine</a target="_blank">>.


"The relevance of the fruit fly to the human genome project reflects the remarkable conservation among genes in different animals. The fly genome, which was sequenced in the year 2001, is 165 million base pairs in length (spread over four chromosomes) and contains approximately 14 000 genes"


The relationship between fly and human genes is so close that the sequences of newly discovered human genes, including disease genes, can often be matched against their fly counterparts. This provides a lead towards the function of the human gene and could help in the development of effective drugs.


Their work confirmed the concept that many crucial genes have been passed down almost unchanged for hundreds of millions of years. Species that are only distantly related therefore have many homologous genes because the original genes existed in a common ancestor.l> Even organisms as different as humans and yeast share many genes involved in basic biochemical pathways. And we know today that humans and chimpanzees share about 98 percent of their genes.

Read the full article http://genome.wellcome.ac.uk/doc_wtd020794.html Why The Fly?</a>