4. DNA Evidence corroborates Fossil Evidence


What the fossils (palentology) predict and demonstrate is confirmed by another totally disparate science, biology.

Today, comparative genomics (the analysis of whole sets of genetic information from different species) is confirming the core of Darwin's theory at the deepest level. Scientists can now track, DNA molecule by DNA molecule, exactly what mutations occurred, and how one species changed into another

Molecular Taxonomy

A family tree can be constructed by examining a specific enzyme, such as cytochrome-c (Fitch and Margoliash, Science 155:279-284, 1967). Species with enzymes differing by few amino acids are placed on nearby branches, while those with many differences are placed on distant branches.

This routinely gives the same family tree as the fossil record! Such studies place humans and chimpanzees on adjacent branches. This is an excellent example of a prediction of Darwins theory being beautifully confirmed on the laboratory bench.

Evolution predicts that some complete series should be found, while ICR or progressive creation predicts that none should ever be found. In fact, many excellent series exist. The evolution of the horse is known in exquisite detail from Hyracotherium (Eohippus) to the modern horse (G.G. Simpson, Horses, 2nd ed. Oxford, 1961).