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Here's the Process that Produced and Confirms the Diagram


Date Event

1800 people find fossils, realize they belong to dead organisms

1809 Jean Baptiste Lamarck publishes "Transmutation of Species" theory based on fossil finds.

1822 "Paleontology" (the study of ancient living organisms through fossils) is born.

Paleontolists order fossils by complexity (single cell, algae, fish, mammal, etc)


1859 Darwin publishs "Origin of Species" organizes fossil findings into a coherent theory of evolution

1860 Law of Superposition*" used to order fossils by relative age

Older fossils found at lower levels

Complex fossils found at higher levels

Organization of fossils into a taxonomy**


1911 Arthur Holmes develops modern radiometric dating***

Determines age of earth to be 4.8 BILLION years old
Oldest (single cell) fossils found to be 3.8 BILLION years old
Relative dating of fossils can now be replaced with absolute ages

19?? paleontologists discover increasing complex lifeforms in younger rock

Points to include

Microbiology (DNA) confirms everything discovered by the paleontologists

Age of earth confirmed when age of universe was determined.

Everything in the animal world was duplicated in the plant world


the development of molecular phylogenetics, which investigates how closely organisms are related by measuring how similar the DNA is in their genomes.

A single finding e.g. the earth has been in existence for less than 1 billion years, could disprove evolution. NO scientific finding out of thousands, has falsified evolution.


Here is what makes the theory of evolution so convincing to me:

1. The field of Astronomy determined that the universe is 13.5 Billion years old and the earth is 4.7 Billion years old.

2. The field of Geology determined that the age of the rocks in which the fossils were found gave ample time for the process of evolution to occur.

3. The field of Genetics determined that the genetic structure of us and our descendents corroborated evolution.

4. The field of Botany demonstrates the same evolution of plants; from 3.8 million year old microbes to present day cantalopes.

5. The fields of Anatomy & Zoology identify many useful and vestigal things inside of us that corroborate our descent from ancestors other than homo sapiens

The point is the scientific process

data => hypothesis => experiment => peer review => publish => validation by other experimenters

has generated evidence for evolution that is overwhelming.


It is from disparate scientific disciplines, each working independently with no preconceived notions of what the results of their research should be.

They lock into place in several independently cross-confirming ways, including form, function, chronology, and molecular biochemistry.

Findings from any one of the above scientific fields could have instantly falsified the theory of evolution!

But no such findings were discovered.

If evolution did not happen, then the EXCELLENT Geologic Time Scale http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geologic_time_scale didn't happen and all the scientists who worked to create it were fooled by God.

Almost all the articles that we all read in National Geographic were wrong.