10. My Motivation For This Discourse ==>
   10.1. What Got Me Interested In This ==>

10.1.3. Concern About My Grandchildrens' Concept of Science

If my grandchildren are taught that God literally created the Earth and everything in it, including Adam and Eve in six days, then I am concerned.

What a dilemma they will then face when they encounter the overwhelming scientific evidence that corroborates evolution.

To adhere to the faith of their childhood, they will have to reject a broad and rigorous body of scientific KNOWLEDGE, effectively committing intellectual suicide.

Not realistic? Won't happen?

Read what the Methodist Church has to say about the issue in this article entitled Methodists Support Teaching of Evolution http://www.umportal.org/article.asp?id=3869

>Many young folk have left the church because they have not been thoroughly grounded in the understanding that God uses metaphors, beautiful stories and other means to enhance understanding of religious principles.

Thus, when there appears to be a conflict-albeit a needless one-between religion and science, they quietly leave.

Young people typically dont say how important this issue is to them because they dont want to insult those they leave behind by saying their religion is out-of-touch with reality.