10. My Motivation For This Discourse ==>
   10.1. What Got Me Interested In This ==>

10.1.2. Concern About Science Education

As will be shown, ALL scientific evidence leads to the conclusion that Darwin Got It Right.

The Religious Right want to impose their theistic views in public schools' science classes.
Evidence that they want to do this is presented directly in the pages below

I am convicted that they must be prevented from doing this.

An understanding of science will be our means of differentiating ourselves from the rest of the world and maintaining our standard of living.

To include supernatural imposition as an explanation in a science is intellectual suicide for our nation.

Here's a statement from the American Astronomical Society

Children whose education is denied the benefits of this expansion of our understanding of the world around us are being deprived of part of their intellectual heritage. They may also be at a competitive disadvantage in a world where scientific and technological literacy is becoming more and more important economically and culturally

Statements like the above are found every where in the scientific literature.

The more I study this the more concerned I become over the outright lies put out by the Creationists.

This website will help me in my fight to prevent theism in high-school science classes.

It is my hope that you, the reader, will be persuaded to join me.


I became concerned about the state of ignorance wrt evolution when I learned the nonsense that creationists attempting to have taught in our schools


God of the gaps

Argument from personal incredulity

Argument from ignorance - also known as argumentum ad ignorantiam



(Behe is the one creationist with appropriate credentials - professor of biochemistry at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania

but note also…. a senior fellow of the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture.)

Behe's claims about the irreducible complexity of essential cellular structures are strongly contested by the scientific community. The Department of Biological Sciences at Lehigh University has published an official position statement which says "It is our collective position that intelligent design has no basis in science, has not been tested experimentally, and should not be regarded as scientific."[1] Behe's ideas about intelligent design have been rejected by the scientific community and characterized as pseudoscience.[2][3][4] There is a a paper in the peer-reviewed journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, [22] which demonstrates that the pufferfish lacks at least three blood clotting factors, and still is a workable system, defeating a key claim in Behe's book, that blood clotting is 'irreducibly complex'. It is just one of many that prove the fallacy of "irreducible complexity".

Unlike William A. Dembski [20] and others in the intelligent design movement, Behe accepts the common descent of species,[21] including that humans descended from other primates, although he states that common descent does not by itself explain the differences between species. He also accepts the scientific consensus on the age of the Earth and the age of the Universe.


Behe's testimony in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District is extensively cited by the judge in his ruling that intelligent design is not science but essentially religious in nature.[9]

From the judge in that case: "Irreducible complexity is a negative argument against evolution, not proof of design, a point conceded by defense expert Professor Minnich"


Would you let someone who believes in the flat-earth be a member of your geography department?

Would you let someone who believes that the sun revolves around the earth be a member of your astronomy department?

Would you let someone who doesn't believe in radioactivity be a member of your nuclear physics department?




Give them that "the flood" did occur 4000 years ago in 2000 BC.

How then did we get so many races in that short period of time if not through evolution - i.e people changing physical appearance and intelligence?

Every species of animal and insect and bacteria that we know today had to be on the ark or else there would have had to be evolution to get us where we are today.

Another approach:

Bacteria change over time to become resistant to the things that used to kill them.

Do creationists get flu shots each year? Why each year? Because the vaccine has to be altered to account for the flu bacteria that now are resistant to previous vaccines. o

In fact, new species have even been shown to arise within a single human lifetime. For example, one study gave evidence that sockeye salmon introduced into Lake Washington, USA, between 1937 and 1945 had split into two reproductively isolated populations (i.e., two separate species) in fewer than 13 generations (a maximum of 56 years).


As a Computer Scientist, I offer to do a free spinal adjustment on their neck or chiropractic work on anyone with pain in a joint. When they refuse, ask why? Of course it's because I am not qualified to work on their body. Why then, do they accept statements about life from people who are unqualified to come forth with their opinions that are contrary to an established body of research?


A tadpole can only live in water, has gills. A tadpole becomes a frog or toad.

A caterpillar can only crawl on umpteen legs; becomes a flying insect (moth or butterfly)