12. Appendix ==>

12.1. The Authority of Scripture

The Authority of Scripture (http://www.reformed.org/bible/bible-intro.html)

A. The Bible proclaims its own authority

1. Scripture is inspired by God
(II Timothy 3:14-17)

2. Belief in Scripture is necessary and commanded
(I Corinthians 14:36-38, John 5:46-47, I John 4:1-6)

3. God has promised to preserve His word for His people in all generations
(Matthew 5:17-18, John 10:35, Isaiah 59:21)

4. The New Testament writers all referred to the Old Testament as authoritative

5. The New Testament claims the same authority for itself as the Old Testament
(2 Peter 3:14-16)

6. "As Christians we receive the Bible as the Word of God which cannot be judged by any higher standard. The Word of God speaks for itself; it is not verified by any other than the self-verifying Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."

B. The External World cannot prove that the Bible is incorrect when it speaks of the world

1. There has never been a proven contradiction between what the Bible says and the reality of the world

2. There has never been a proven contradiction between the historical accountscontained in the Bible and in other recorded histories.

C. Personal Experience proclaims the Bible

1. Christians accept the Word of God because of the Holy Spirit's testimony to their hearts that the Bible's own claim is true.

2. Christians are allowed to believe in the Authority of the Scripture because of the spirit of discernment granted by the Holy Spirit, and because the Christian does not presuppose that he himself has the authority which God possesses to render something authoritative or not.

Note: Points B and C are taken nearly verbatim from Every Though Captive by Richard Pratt.