Nonsense of Noah

7.5. Maintianing Hygiene
What goes in, comes out.
Removal of fecal matter would take more people and hours than are available.
The odor from urine soaked boards would be stultifying.
The combination of amonia and methane gas generated by the animals would be toxic.

The volume of excrement would be ...
.5 lbs fecal/animal x 34,900 animals = 17,450 lbs fecal/day

Time to carry excrement to the one window on top deck...

40 lbs/person/trip + 10 lb wooden stave bucket
Average trip is 240 feet (boat is 450 feet long, 3 decks)
Average walking speed: 3.2 MPH
Time spent cleaning, mucking each stall: 3 minutes (some are 10' off floor)

Number of trips: 17,450 lbs / 40 pounds/trip = 436 trips
Length of each trip: 240 feet * 2 trips (to and fro) = 480 feet = 40 miles/day

Time spent walking @ 3.2 MPH = 12 hours
Time spent mucking stalls: 17,450 x 3 / 60 = 872 hours

Total time per day to maintain hygiene: 884

"Ammonia poses a threat to both animals and agricultural workers in livestock facilities. It is a significant respiratory hazard for workers who experience continuous, long-term exposure to the gas at concentrations greater than 25 parts per million (ppm). In addition to respiratory effects, ammonia can cause skin and eye irritation and displace oxygen in the bloodstream. Long-term exposure to ammonia can cause pneumonia."
Source: I failed to capture the source, from some government EPA piece.