Nonsense of Noah

7.4. Ventilation
The air quality on board the Ark would not have passed OSHA muster. The environment for many of the animals would have killed them.

Ventilation: "The act of supplying fresh air and getting rid of foul air"

Considering that there was only an eighteen-inch opening near the roof, the boat's ventilation system would have been inadequate for the animals' oxygen requirements.

Almost every living thing would have eventually died from asphyxiation. The buildup of toxic methane gas from animal feces would have compounded the respiration predicaments.

The smell would have been intolerable.

One spark from the cooking flame? torches used to light the pitch dark decks (one 18" window) would have created a far more critical problem because methane is highly flammable.

There is a reason why Gila monsters, yaks, and quetzals don't all live together in a temperate climate. They can't survive there, at least not for long without special care. Organisms have preferred environments outside of which they are at a deadly disadvantage. Most extinctions are caused by destroying the organisms' preferred environments. The creationists who propose all the species living together in a uniform climate are effectively proposing the destruction of all environments but one. Not many species could have survived that.