Nonsense of Noah

7.3. Watering the Animals
The problem of getting fresh water to the animals is another of the impossibilities associated with the Ark

If no fresh water was carried on the ship:
Noah et. al. would have to pull water up onto the ship:
Assuming each animal required, on average, a one-half gallon of water a day, Noah and the others would have to pull approximately 16,000 gallons a day up from the waters into the boat. Using 5 gallon wooden buckets sealed with pitch, (each weighing 10 pounds) they would have to pull up 3200 buckets of water weighing approximately 50 pounds over 15 feet. (assuming 2/3s of the boat was below water).

Now, if EACH of them was lifting water, EACH would lift 400 buckets (50 pounds each) each day.

Assuming an average of 1 minute per bucket, we just used up 6..66 hours of the day for each Ark human inhabitant.
I really don't think any of them could sustain that rate of lifting.

And that's just to get the water onto the ship. That doesn't include distributing the water (modern farming via pipes?) or desalination.

Time Spent Transporting Water to Animals

40 lbs/person/trip + 10 lb wooden stave bucket
Average trip is 240 feet (boat is 450 feet long, 3 decks)
Average walking speed: 3.2 MPH normally;

Time spent at each stall with water: 1 minutes (some are 10' off floor)

Total Time spent at stalls: 16,000 x 1 / 60 = 230 hours / 8 = 29 hours

Number of trips: 17,450 lbs / 40 pounds/trip = 436 trips
Length of each trip: 240 feet * 2 trips (to and fro) = 480 feet * 436 = 40 miles/day
40 Miles/Day divided among 8 people = 5 hours per person


Pulling Water Onto Ship = 6.6 hours
Time spent transporting = 5 hours
Time spent at stalls: 30 hours


* Remember, they are retrieving water from a single 18" window on a three deck ship,
it's pitch dark, and stinking horribly and often pitching about.

While the sea water would have been diluted, it is still sea water with some salt in it.
Noah would have a big problem coming up with fresh water if he didn't carry all of it aboard.

Carry all the fresh water on board the ship from the start.
Doesn't solve the global problem of water.
Space to store and weight of water exceeds ships storage and displacement capacities.
Still have problem of distribution.

Capture Rain Water
Now, maybe it rained during the year. Maybe it didn't.
That means that Noah had to design a rain capturing system and a holding tank.
The holding tank still used up valuable space and knowing how large to make it created an insoluable problem for Noah.
Noah et. al. still had the distribution problem.

Creationist Response
Make up any unlikely scenario that addresses the problems of water and that's what they say.
"Noah used troughs , gravity fed distribution, etc"
Troughs made of what? Valves? No leak? How regulate the flow?- i.e. keep all of it from going on the floor if animals are'nt drinking when the water flows?
What about the water sloshing out when the ship rolls?

It is also worth pointing out that the number of extinct species is undoubtedly greater than the number of known extinct species. New genera of dinosaurs have been discovered at a nearly constant rate for more than a century, and there's no indication that the rate of discovery will fall off in the near future.

Where did the water come from? Holding Tanks?
Animals in hibernation, didn't need water. OK - you got me. Prove it.