Nonsense of Noah

7.2. Feeding The Animals
The task of feeding the animals would occupy almost all of the time of the Ark's human inhabitants.


40 lbs/person/trip + 10 lb wooden stave bucket
Average trip is 240 feet (boat is 450 feet long, 3 decks)
Average walking speed: 3.2 MPH
Time spent getting the food into the stall: 3 minutes (some are 10' off floor)

Number of trips: 17,450 lbs / 40 pounds/trip = 436 trips
Length of each trip: 240 feet * 2 trips (to and fro) = 480 feet = 40 miles/day

Time spent walking @ 3.2 MPH = 12 hours
Time spent at each stall: 17,450 x 3 / 60 = 872 hours

So... how were the animals fed?

Because of the fall of Adam,carnivores were in existance
For each of the 15,000 kinds, they had to look up in the computer what this particular animal ate, go to the food stores, get the appropriate amount (a lamb or a chicken for the wolf?)

Wait a minute. Maybe the insects fed themselves; especially the locusts if they got into the corn stores; or the fruitflies if they got into the fruit. How did Noah store the nector for the hummingbirds? Ours goes bad without refrigeration.
Some animals - parasites - can feed themselves. The problem is, they ofter kill their host.

Creationists response
Woodmorappe posits that the animals hibernated so therefore, they didn't need to be fed. .
But God told Noah to carry food to feed the animals
God, being a truthful and just God, wouldn't have told Noah to bring the food if it wasn't needed.

Others say "

Scientists have studied large volume farming techniques and determined that eight people could easily have fed all the animals on the ark. Also, scientists know that most animals have the ability to hibernate, especially under stressful conditions

But Noah wasn't a scientist and he wouldn't have known that. And God did not tell Noah that the animals would be hibernating. No, He told Noah to load food for the animals and for himself.

BTW: That would be Creation "Scientists". No reputable scientist concurs with any of that.

Large volume farming methods to feed large numbers of animals assumes that they all eat the same thing and that they are feed from conveyor belts etc.
Even at that, it's a tough job to maintain any automated system that uses wooden parts.

Oh, you said that "most animals have the ability to hibernate..." I would like to see documentation of that. I don't believe it.