Nonsense of Noah

4.6. Ark's Project Plan
Building the Ark is an impossible task for eight unskilled people given the tools available to them and the requirements of God

Remember, we are only 10 generations removed from when there were only two people on earth. There are no Iron tools. Everyone alive is closely related to each other.

Here's what Noah had to do to build the Ark

  • Learn how to build a three story ship, 450' x 75' x 45' without any plans or even paper to put the plans on. A wooden ship that was almost twice as large as the largest wooden ship ever built by the British when they ruled the seas.
  • Design the ship and prepare a Bill of Materials* so as to know how much wood to cut.
  • Find "Gopher Wood"
  • Find and bring back "pitch" (tar - but since the flood had not yet occured, where did the tar ((petroleum product) come from)
  • Cut it, hew it into timbers (with what? Stone Axe?)
  • Get the timbers back to the worksite (had the wheel even been discovered yet?)
  • Build the Ark with 3 men and 3 women (or did he hire others to help? with what "money"? He was a stone age hunter-gatherer).
  • Build with no nails, screws, hammers, drills, chisels, saws.
  • Lay a 450' long keel with no means of fastening the timbers together. This is the longest wooden keeled boat EVER.
  • Know how to build safe scaffolding with no lashing rope
  • Move large timbers over long distances without any cranes.
  • Make joints so tight (with primitive tools) that they could be sealed with pitch.
  • Find, transport and apply more than a ton of pitch, inside and out, to seal the boat.
    (From whence the pitch? Pitch is tar which came from aged swamps - earth is only 1500 years old at this point)
  • Build approximately 15,700 cages* of various sizes (assumes male and female were housed together).
    Just Curious:Since Noah had not seen most of the animals, how did he know how big to make the cages?
    Just Curious:How did he know how to stack the cages? This is a packing problem extradinairre. Like packing a moving van with various size boxes!
  • Build ladders to use whlie feeding and mucking animals on different levels of cages.
  • Build many water tight buckets to be used for getting water and mucking the cages.