Nonsense of Noah

4.5. How was the space divided?
Each "kind" of animal (vertebrates only) would be required to live in a cage 4' x 4' x 3'.

Remember, according to Woodmorappe (with modification to allow for 7 pairs of clean animals), we learned there were 38,900 animals on board.

Now, the ship, we learned, had 1,500,000 cubic feet. (450 x 75 x 45).

Dividing 1.5 million cubic feet by 15,700 pairs of animals gives an average cage size of 96 cubic feet. That's not even 5' x 5' x 4' per pair and the cages would have to be stacked three deep on each deck in order to utilize the entire deck space.

However, cages of 5' x 5' x4' can only be accomplished if the entire ship is stocked with the animals to be saved and nothing else.

That leaves

NO room for aisles.
NO room for storing 30 Tons of food (explained later).
NO room for storing water.
NO room for exercising the animals
NO room for cages for the animals that would become food for the animals, or, if you will, food for the food.
NO living space for Noah and the other three sets of personalities on board.
NO room for the ramps needed for the animals to get from the door to the lower decks.
NO room for all the flora (don't know if plants were to be brought on board too - all that were not on board died).

To leave room for some of the above items, we'll have to reduce the size of the cages to half i.e 48 cubic feet.
Thus total space for cages will be 750,000 cubic feet.
Each cage will be, on average 4' x 4' x 3' and will hold male and female of each kind.

You say there were no cages?

Well, they can't stand on top of each other so you are left with only 450 x 75 x 3 decks = 100,000 square feet of FLOOR space.
The animals would have 100,000 / 35,000 = 3 square feet per "saved" animal. And again, that is only considering the animals that will eventually be saved. Doesn't work! Further, they would be moving around such that it would be impossible to feed them the appropriate food. You couldn't find them.