Nonsense of Noah

4.4. How Big was the Ark?
"Big" comes in different units. The Ark had a finite capacity in terms of cubic feet (space) and carrying capacity (weight).

The Ark, according to many accounts was, depending on what you use for a cubit, is about 450 feet long, 75 wide, and 45 tall.
Thus the space capacity is 450' x 75' x 45' = 1,518,750 cubic feet.
This is a universally accepted figure for the size of the Ark

Just as important as cubic feet, another critical question is... how much cargo could the Ark carry without sinking?

The "total displacement" of a ship is calculated according Archimedes Principle which states that

"Any object, wholly or partly immersed in a fluid, is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object."

So, how much water is displaced by the Ark?
Let's assume that half the ship is in the water.

Thus 450' x 75' x 22.5 = 759,375 cubic feet. (assumes the Ark had the shape of a box.)
Water weighs 62.42 pounds per cubic feet.

Total Displacement of the Ark: 47,400,187 pounds or 23, 700 tons.

Samuel R. Windsor wrote a VERY long articlel, NOAH'S VESSEL in which he calculates the carrying capacity of the Ark to be 24,000 deadweight tons. Very similar to the figure arrived at earlier.

Quote from

The displacement tonnage of the ark, which is the weight of water it would displace at a draught of 15 cubits, would be more than 22,000 tons.

TypeMax Capacity
Space1,518,750 ft3
Displacement24 tons