Nonsense of Noah

2. Abstract
In this document I will show that the story of Noah and the Ark, as presented in Genesis 6 and 7 could not and never did happen.

I will show that it could not have happened because....

The task of identifying all living species, collecting two or seven of each species, bringing them back to the Ark, and bringing a year's worth of their food, all the while feeding them enroute ... is impossible.

The task of building a seaworthy ship of the Ark's size was impossible for eight people to accomplish given the state of technology 10 generations after Adam and the inbred people he spawned.

The task of provisioning the ship with food and water for a years journey was impossible for eight people to accomplish, given the state of technology 10 generations after Adam.

The actual flood required more water than could have possibly been produced without violating all natural laws.

The space required to keep the animals, food and water exceeded the ship's total cubic feet.

The weight of animals, food, and water would have sunk the ship.

The task of watering, feeding and mucking the stalls would have taken more man-hours per day than Noah and kin had.

After the flood, the animals could not have survived a trip back to their native habitat if they even got started since Noah apparently sacrificed them by making burnt offerings of of every clean beast, and of every clean fowl on the altar.

It was impossible for the survivors of the offering to live after the flood because the earth was a sodden mess and there were no plants and there were only two of every kind of animal

It was impossible for civilization to reach the state it it had reached (e.g. pyramids) a soon after the flood because we had to start all over again with an inbred population and the earth was desolate.

The "Noah and the Ark" story, if true, requires an unabated sequence of miracles on the part of God. But the story of Noah is not presented in the Bible or in the pulpit as a showcase for God's miracles. It is presented as an example of God's power.

God could have merely wiped everyone except Noah et. al out. He obviously wanted Man involved in the process. Why then would he "take over" and do everything for Noah?

Instead, He left us with a story so absurd that it causes many to believe that it never happened and thus lose the message God was trying to send. That is to say, God failed to get the message across to all his creations

God created humans, yet he faults us for being guided by our desires, instincts, and natural tendencies. Since he's supposedly omniscient, God realized how we were destined to turn from the beginning. He must also have realized that his lament would fuel the urge to destroy his precious creations, only to leave himself back where he started. Even so, he creates Adam, yet hundreds of years later, he drowns nearly all the men, women, and children on the face of the earth because he deliberately chose not to make us to his liking the first time.

Drowning is not a quick and painless death. Regardless, this is what God did to every man, woman, child, baby, and animal on earth because he made a mistake! To make matters worse, the flood accomplished nothing! The omniscient God realizes after the flood that a man's imagination is evil from youth (Genesis 8:21). He seemingly allows us to be evil (free will) to this day, just like those he drowned in the flood.