Nonsense of Noah

10.2. Ark Apologists
For every rational, logical question that demonstrates the impossibility of Noah's Ark, Ark apologists have an impossible answer. Make sure you evaluate their answers carefully.

n answer.


It would take too long to collect the animals.. Answer: The animals came to Noah.
The animals would have to cross oceans. Answer: It was all one continent before the flood.
It would take too long to feed the animals.. Answer: "Many could feed themselves" and "Modern herd management techniques allow one person to tend thousands of animals".
There wouldn't be enough space for the animals:. Answer: Average size: a sheep.
The volume of water required to cover the mountains is impossible to achieve.. Answer: The flood CREATED the Himilayian mountains
The animals, even if under the spell of God, had to cross oceans to get to Noah.. Answer: Before the flood, there was only one continent..

Here is a link to one article published by John Morris Ph.D. (Institute For Creation "Research" guru) entitled Did Noah's Flood Cover the Himalayan Mountains?
In it he authors several of the inanities quoted above. In case you don't get to the article, here is an excerpt:

Mt. Everest and the Himalayan range, along with the Alps, the Rockies, the Appalachians, the Andes, and most of the world's other mountains are composed of ocean-bottom sediments, full of marine fossils laid down by the Flood. Mt. Everest itself has clam fossils at its summit. These rock layers cover an extensive area, including much of Asia. They give every indication of resulting from cataclysmic water processes. These are the kinds of deposits we would expect to result from the worldwide, world-destroying Flood of Noah's day.

At the end of the Flood, after thick sequences of sediments had accumulated, the Indian subcontinent evidently collided with Asia, crumpling the sediments into mountains. Today they stand as giants-folded and fractured layers of ocean-bottom sediments at high elevations. No, Noah's Flood didn't cover the Himalayas, it formed them!

This is the type of thinking required to maintain that Noah and the Ark really happened.
Almost every sentence in his "research" is wrong and can be proven wrong by legitimate scientists.

All the "answers" contain some form of ... probably, could have, might, believes, must have, every indication ... etc..
There is NO EVIDENCE that any of the answers are true. They are all conjecture. All require miracles from God.

Even granting all these miracles, the story is still impossible if you read Genesis to be a true accounting of the Noah story.


The point of this is to show that the story of Noah's Ark is just that. A story intended to show that God is wrathful and can kill you and everything at any time.

The only possible response to what is presented here is that God can do anything. I will grant you that.

So, why this treatise?

At this point, I admit it. I am crazed. I can't stop thinking about how impossible the Ark story is. Almost every waking and sometimes sleeping hour, I think of another impossible situation imposed by the Ark story.

I am embarrassed that people degrade their intellect by actually believing to be true, something which is so obviously false. I want to help them see the story for what it really is... a fable with a moral... but the story fails to inform me as to the moral.


If the story is true, then it is one unprecedented continuous string of God's miracles on a scale that is never again approached.

Just Curious:Granted, God could do that but why didn't God just annailate everything in one fell swoop? One miracle!