Nonsense of Noah

10.2.1. John Woodmorappe - Ark Apologist

John Woodmorappe is the pen name of an author who has published several articles and books with the creation science groups Answers in Genesis, the Institute for Creation Research and Discovery Institute.

Woodmorappe's work Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study is a systematic rebuttal of objections to the feasibility of Noah's Ark. The book attempts to deal with all stated feasibility problems by actually analysing the feasibility of possible solutions.

Because his work is always referenced by Creationists, I will be using statements from Woodmorappe as he is the expert, according to all Creationists. The Noah story can be shown to be impossible, even using the figures supplied by its chief apologist!

The book is sheer nonsense. One passage will suffice:

When it comes to care on the ark, Woodmorappe enlists the aid of the animals themselves. According to Woodmorappe, prior to the flood, Noah had kept a menagerie and trained the animals to defecate and urinate on command into buckets.

Enough said. One can understand why John Woodmorappe wouldn't use his real name; he's not THAT moronic but he is a moron.

BUT... the creation "science" groups, Answers In Genesis, Institute for Creation Research and Discovery Institute, use Woodmorappe's book on Noah as the definitive word on Noah and the Ark. Whenever there is an objection to some aspect of the fable, they point to Woodmorappe's Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study piece of shit.

Here are some reviews of the book... note the source of the review:

A scholarly but fascinating treatment that is thoroughly documented. -- Bible-Science News, November 1996

It has just the sort of facts and details that kids find advised to read NOAH'S ARK. -- Reason and Revelation, May 1996

The book...seeks to answer the more mundane questions of Noah's voyage... -- Natural History, October 1997

These critics often resort to ridicule...Woodmorappe, however, invariably finds credible evidence which rather causes the critics to appear foolish. -- Creation Research Society Quarterly, March 1998

Using a database and a Bible, the book posits a mechanical answer to any question one could imagine regarding Noah's logistics... -- Harper's Magazine, November 1996