Nonsense of Noah

10.1. Apologist's Response
Ark apologists have "rebuttal responses" to every issue I have raised. They are fanciful flights of "it had to be this way or the Ark couldn't have happened" thinking.

Here's an excerpt of the "proof" provided by < Answers In Genesis.
Go there and read the typical nonsense that outfits like AIG are putting out.

The exhibits (in The Creation Museum in Cincinnati) are designed by Tim Lovett, a leading expert on Noah's Ark and the host of - don't try to access the website. It's gone). Lovett has a degree in mechanical engineering from Sydney University (Australia), as well as an advanced degree in technical education. An engineer, teacher, and designer, Lovett was intrigued by the engineering challenges Noah had to solve when he built the Ark. Thus began Lovett's personal journey of research into wooden ships and modern maritime lore so that he could better understand the marvelous design of the Ark and its ability to survive the cataclysmic Flood.

Rising a stunning 35 feet (10.7 m) in height, the unfinished Ark, which is too tall to fit in the full 45-foot (13.7-m) tall museum space, looms over Noah, his foreman, and his busy work crew. While it was possible for Noah and his family to build the Ark by themselves, Scripture does not require this view. Lovett believes that Noah could have been wealthy enough to hire a crew of laborers, especially at certain stages of construction. Gone is the stereotype of Noah all alone, chipping away with an axe-like adze!

Of course, I believe that everything Lovett says is a lie and he knows it.

Let's look at just one assertion from the "proof". Take the highlighted phrase starting with "Lovett believes...". There you have it. The basis for the diaramas that appear in the definitive Creation Museum! He "believes". No evidence - it's the ONLY way it could have happened if it happened - so he has to "believe" it.

Well, Schaber believes:

Noah was not "wealthy enough to hire a crew of laborers. Noah was a farmer!
There was no such thing as "wealth" 1500 years after Noah. "Wealth" would have been in the form of accumulation of grain etc.
1500 years after the creation people were living at a subsistence level.
1500 years after the creation, society would not have evolved to the point where people worked for others, the concept of a "foreman" was evident, people would be available "for hire".
The "for hire" people, were paid with {money?/grain?}.
If there had been a crew of laborers, they would have run to the Ark when it started raining and overwhelmed Noah.

Here are some dioramas in the Creation Museum that depict Lovett's fanciful flights of fantasy along with my observations.:

Gears, pulleys, skinny scaffolding supports, torches on a wooden boat!

Nice decking, paper architectural plans, concept of management (Noah's foreman!)

Animals leisurly arriving and entering Ark on this "selfsame" day that every thing entered the Ark and the flood commenced. Oh Oh, there are some clouds.

Poor sons-of-bitches, why didn't they storm the Ark when the rains started? They helped build it They wouldn't have hesitated to killl to get on it. As seen in the previous diarama, the ramp was still there and would have remained there throughout the day.