Nonsense of Noah

1. Preface

An organization of my thoughts about Noah and the Ark.
A quest for knowledge.


For many years I thought the story about Noah's Ark presented improbable situations. I started out listing them on paper. As the number of improbabilities grew and became impossibilities, I decided to make a more formal, permanent record of my thoughts.

I would like to turn this into a book. My first publication. The logic is steller.

Ark Apologists
There are a number of Ark Apologists who have rebuttals for SOME of the things I present. I raise several issues that they never even address in their support for the naive fundamentalist interpretation of Noah and the Ark.

One of the most influential books supporting a literal interpretation of Noah and the Ark is "The Genesis Flood, the Biblical Record and its Scientific Implications". Whitcomb, John C., Morris, Henry M. 1998, Presbyterian and reformed Publishing Co. Phillipsburg, NJ.

Another very influential work is by John Woodmorappe entitled Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study, Institute for Creation Research. Santee, CA, 1996.

Both of these authors are quoted extensively in the Ark Apologist literature.
Here is a website that quotes from both authors in its web document
How BIG was Noah's Ark? How many animals did Noah's Ark hold?

I will only use figures and numbers from that website. This is to prevent any charge of me cooking the books.

I do not however concur with many of the assumptions of that document. For example here's a quote "All of the insects could survive outside the ark". And other large categories of animals that "could survive outside the ark" are dismissed with a wave of the hand, when, in fact, they could not survive outside the Ark (Crocodiles, Alligators).

Read on! I hope you find it interesting and thought provoking rather than provoking.