Here is the second author of Genesis 2.
The style is completely different.
There is no reference to the seven days of creation.
And, more significantly, THE ORDER of the events is totally different from the first author's.

Adam is created before the Animals, Plants and Eve!
No mention of light, Sun, Moon, Stars, Fish.

Now, you may say they were already mentioned in Chapter One...
but so were Water, Man, Plants, Land Animals, Fowl, Woman.
So why this chapter at all if it wasn't just another writer trying his hand at an explanation of the phenomena around him?

It's obvious that this author had no knowledge of the existence of the other author.

Perhaps both are among the first of the "scientists" trying to explain our origins based on their understandably limited knowledge of the universe.

Even the way that the Bible�s god is referred to noticeably changes. The first account refers to the biblical god as �God� (Elohim, the Hebrew term for god or gods). The second account refers to the biblical god as �the Lord God� (YHWH, often pronounced as "Yahweh", the name of the biblical god).[2] It�s a subtle distinction but quite noticeable in the way it�s repeated. The first account says, �God created�, God swept�, God said�, God saw�� and so on. The second account, abruptly starting at Gen 2:4, says, �the Lord God made�, the Lord God had�, the Lord God formed�, the Lord God planted��.

The author of the first account never calls God �Lord� (YHWH). The author of the second account never fails to call God �Lord� (the author uses YHWH instead of Elohim). By this finding alone, it�s clear that the two accounts have two different authors.