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2.1. The Offending Pharaoh is NOT Named.


The linage of Egyptian Pharoahs is now well known, thanks to the Rosetta Stone

Isn't it strange that the name of the Pharoah causing all of the jews problems is never named?

Wouldn't you think that Moses would use the name of the offending pharoahs?

I suspect the offending pharaoh is never named because who ever wrote Exodus, long after the alleged events, had no clue as to the names of any of the Pharoahs.

Only Two Pharoahs during the entire exile!

It is during Moses time in exile that the text reports the first pharaohs death (Ex. 2:23). By inference a second pharaoh arises to take the firsts place and it is this person who is the actual pharaoh of the exodus. He is the one who hardens his heart at the conclusion of each of the ten plagues save the last.