1. And Lo, it came to pass that Exodus is not true


The whole bit about Moses is total fabrication - a story to galvanize jews. There never was an exodus of Jews from Egypt and there never was a Moses and hence the Bible book of Exodus is not true and by extension, so is the whole bible not true. Claims that defy almost every law of science are by definition extraordinary and thus require extraordinary evidence.

I will show, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the events described in Exodus, did not happen.

  • the entire jewish population was not enslaved in Egypt for 400 years
  • there were no "10 plagues"
  • there was no mass exodus of jews from Egypt
  • there was no imparting of the 10 commandments
  • there was no imparting of "the law"
  • there was no Ark
  • there was no Covenant
  • there was no parting of the Red Sea
  • there was no drowning of the Pharoah and the entire Egyptian army in the Red Sea.


    Reference to Exodus can be found in many speeches by American presidents, even back to the founding fathers.

    So, Exodus is certainly an important book in the bible

    If it can be shown that a foundational book, such as Exodus, has no basis in fact and is totally without merit, then it follows that all of the books of the Bible are false too.