1. And Lo, it came to pass that Exodus is not true ==>
   1.2. Egypt - 1447 BCE ==>

1.2.2. 2000 BCE - The "Flood"


If the earth was created in 4004 BCE as creationsits believe and the flood occured around 2000 BCE, that leaves about 150 years for the earth to have gone from eight people to the Egypeian Empire of 1850 BCE.

Since the jews were in Egypt for 400 years and since Moses "led" them to their "freedom" in 1447, that means that they must have been enslaved around 1847 BCE.

The flood was around 2000 BCE. As we all know, only Noah and his minions survived the flood. There were eight people on the face of the earth in 2000 BCE.

Yet, we are to believe that in the span of 153 years, the poplulation and civilization grew so fast that there could already be lots-a-jews and millions of Egyptians who, by the way, were able to build all those pyramids in that span of time.