1. And Lo, it came to pass that Exodus is not true ==>

1.15. Conclusion


None of what I have said can be explained away by "gawd can do anything" because Egypts power in 1447 was exactly what your "God" was trying to prevent!

If used as God's word, the bible, all of it, is either true or it is not. To say that some parts are valid and some parts are not is to say that the bible as a whole is not true and cannot then be the word of God.

Summary of proof:

1. There is no way that Egypt could have become the power it was in 1447 BCE if it had suffered the damage described by the 10 plagues.

2. There is evidence in multiple disciplines showing that none of the Exodus events ever occured. In other words, all of the events of Exodus are described ONLY in the Bible.

3. The 32,000 words of Exodus, etc could not have been remembered and written by Moses not to mention the 32,000 words of Genesis given the state of writing in 1300 BCE.