1. And Lo, it came to pass that Exodus is not true ==>

1.1. Foreword - no PC here


I do not dwindle in political correctness.


  • I use the word "gawd" to represent the figment of imagination you call "God". I don't believe there is a God so there is no reason for me to give respect to something that doesn't exist. To use the word "God" is to acknowledge that I believe there is something that deserves my respect. I have no respect for the figment of peoples' imagination.
  • I use the word "jews" rather than "Israelites" primarily because it is easier to type. But also, because, in reading the first seven books of the bible, I have lost respect for people who revere what it depicts. For example, the jews celebrate Passover, the time when 1/3 of the Egyptian population was murdered (genocide) by your "God".

  • The word "allegedly" is presumed to be in front of every concept presented in Exodus. I use phrases from Exodus directly as though they were true in order to make my point about how impossible they are. Assume "alleged" appears in front of each phrase.
  • Isn't it strange that the name of the Pharoah causing all of the jews problems is never named? Even today, we know the names of the Pharaohs back to the first dynasty. I suspect the offending pharaoh is never named because who ever wrote Exodus, long after the alleged events, had no clue as to the names of any of the Pharoahs.
  • Isn't it strange that in a book written by Moses, he still uses his name instead of the pronoun "I". That is the text will say "And the LORD said unto Moses...". Why doesn't it say "And the LORD said unto ME..."? Or it will say "Moses and Aaron ... "; why doesn't Moses say "Arron and I ..."?
    BECAUSE It's obvious that these words were not written by "Moses". They were stories made up by those who stood to gain from scaring the shit out of their enemies or their congregation.