2. Where's God When you need him?   
   3. What about the "Other" gods?   
   4. What about altruism?   
   5. Original Sin   
   6. LOGIC   
     6.1. NonBelievers Are Smarter   
   7. Not Omniscient, but rather stupid   
   8. Whole idea copied from Egyptians   
   9. Christian "Martyrs"   
   10. Bible is Provably False   
     10.1. Provably False Biblical Stories   
   11. The Bloodline of Jesus?   
   12. Would Be Proofs Don't Exist   
   13. Another (Babylonian) Creation Story   
   14. Not only Jesus can bring back the dead   
   15. God is the source of evil   
   16. Written by 1500 BC Taliban   
     16.1. Substantiation by a Jew   
     16.2. What makes a Jew, a Jew   
     16.3. Western concept that contravenes Islamic teaching   
   17. Logically False Biblical Stories   
     17.1. And Lo, it came to pass that Exodus is not true   
       17.1.1. In the Beginning   
       17.1.2. No Trace of the Exodus   
       17.1.3. Egypt - 1447 BC   
       17.1.4. National Geographic Confirmation   
       17.1.5. the Exodus   
       17.1.6. False by Irrationality   
       17.1.7. False by Reason of Contradiction   
       17.1.8. Moses Exposed   
       17.1.9. How Was All This Recorded?   
         17.1.10. Jewish Scholar agrees   
         17.1.11. Conclusion   
   18. So ridiculous they have to be false, Bibilical Stories   
   19. Believers are a product of their environment   
   20. Thou shalt not kill, but God can and so can you in the name of god.   
     20.1. God's Killings - the worst ones   
     20.2. God's Killings by the numbers   
     20.3. My Favorites   
       20.3.1. GOD reigns down stones   
       20.3.2. GOD orders Moses to "kill all the women".   
     20.4. God promotes Genocide   
       20.4.1. Genocide out the ass - Deuteronomy   
       20.4.2. And this is but a light thing   
     20.5. Gods Treatment of people with Blemishes... not good   
     20.6. God is a Baby Killer and Murderer   
       20.6.1. Thou Shalt Not Kill - But God Can    Kill by Stoning   
  Kill the Believer of another Religion   
  Kill Your Children    Kill the False Prophet    Moses Orders Genocide    But not if they have "Iron Chariots"    He beats the shit out of the Egyptians - WHY?    Trivial Reasons for God's Killings   
  Kill Non_Jews Because They're Occupying Lands God Promised to the Jews   
    God says "Kill the Babies"   
       20.6.2. New Testament Killing Fields   
       20.6.3. Joshua - the Lord's Killing Machine   
       20.6.4. He won't even let you surrender   
       20.6.5. The Massacre of Peaceful People   
     20.7. Today's Taliban Kill by Stoning Just like the Jews did   
   21. If you don't Kill them, maim them   
   22. Missing Commandments   
   23. Ignorance of Asia   
   24. Jesus Likens Heaven to 10 Virgins   
   25. Loving God is Jealous   
   26. Last Month - Another Resurrection!   
   27. Resurrected Gods   
   28. Exempt from "The Law"?   
   29. Can't Test God? Gideon Did   
   30. Try to be More like David   
   31. God's Tedious Rant - Jeremiah   
   32. God Gets Mad at inconsequential things   
   33. God Not True to His Word   
   34. God Believes Slavery is OK   
   35. God apparently DOESN'T know everything   
   37. God encourages heinous tortures   
   39. Most NonSensical   
   40. Most Laughable   
   41. Most Heinous   
   42. Most Ridiculous   
   43. Most Ignorant and Stupid   
   44. Selfish ignorant Jesus   
   45. Most Politically Incorrect   
   46. How to Raise Children   
   47. How to Treat Slaves   
   48. Marriage Counseling   
   49. Where's Jesus - He was supposed to come soon.   
   50. How All the Detail Remembered and Recorded?   
   51. "Moral Law" fails   
   52. Predestination - Not Free Will   
   53. God's covenent with Isreal   
   54. What makes Jesus god's son?   
   55. Ignorant God   
   56. Total Nonsense   
     56.1. What the Bible says about Women's Rights   
     56.2. Major Absurdities   
       56.2.1. Genesis - Devine Revelation   
       56.2.2. Tower of Babel   
       56.2.3. The 10 Plagues   
     56.3. Absurdities   
       56.3.1. Is Jesus God?   
     56.4. God is talked out of killing Moses.   
     56.5. Animal Sacrifice Is Insane   
     56.6. God Brags About Making Deformed People   
     56.7. Yet excludes them from salvation   
     56.8. God Is Sexist   
     56.9. No Rain for 3 years, six months!   
       56.10. Conflicting Geneologies   
       56.11. Jews are Going to Hell   
       56.12. Belief In Young Earth   
   57. Adam and Eve   
   58. Sex and the Bible   
   59. Lack of scientific credibility   
   60. Contradictions   
     60.1. To Judge or Not to Judge   
     60.2. Problems with The Resurrection   
     60.3. God Loves Me...NOT   
     60.4. Fell Trees, Don't Fell Trees   
     60.5. Jerehiah contradicts Moses   
     60.6. 1001bible contradictions   
   61. Worst Possible Sin   
   62. The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviours Before Christ   
   63. Crucifixion/Resurrection Contradictions   
   64. Proof God is Imaginary   
   65. PRAYER   
     65.1. You WILL Receive Whatever You Ask For In Prayer   
     65.2. Prayer Has No Effect - Scientifically Proven   
       65.2.1. Elisabeth Targ Article - too impt to risk loss   
     65.3. Mark 16:15 is provably false:   
     65.4. Spontaneous Remission of Cancer WITHOUT Prayer   
     65.5. The Poor Will be Accomodated   
     65.6. People DO have prayers answered - by golly   
     65.7. Praise God for Prisoners Release   
   66. Christians Pick and Choose What Parts of the Bible to Believe   
   67. How to Be Saved...Path to Heaven is Contradictory   
   68. Do Not Worry About Tomorrow   
   69. God Changes His Mind   
   70. Human Sacrifice - Jesus   
     70.1. Desciples Died Terrible Deaths - CNS   
   71. Paul Got a Personal Visit; Why Not Me?   
   72. Conclusions   
     72.1. Why is God's Existance not Obvious?   
     72.2. There is no god   
     72.3. Bible is a book of fables   
       72.3.1. NO ONE KNOWS WHO wrote or WHEN the bible was written   
       72.3.2. Genesis written by a committee   
       72.3.3. Who wrote the Torah/Pentatuch?   
   73. The "LAW"   
     74.1. Infallible   
     74.2. Inerrancy   
   75. "You have a choice.... NOT"!   
   76. Morality   
     76.1. So where did morality come from if not from God?   
     76.2. Lucy the Chimp   
   77. JESUS   
     77.1. Advocates self mutilation   
     77.2. Orders a donkey stolen from its owner/   
     77.3. Has come to complete the Law   
     77.4. Curses non believers   
     77.5. Is Racist and Discriminatory   
     77.6. Denies salvation to the dumb   
     77.7. Equates Gentiles to Dogs   
     77.8. Did NOT turn the other cheek   
     77.9. Curses and Lies   
       77.10. Denies aid to the poor   
       77.11. Purposely deceives people   
     78.1. Doesn't Do What He Says   
     78.2. Has A Plan For You   
     78.3. Is a Liar   
     78.4. "Scientific" Proof of God   
     78.5. Show God's Love, Sponser A Child   
   79. History of the Bible