72. Conclusions ==>

72.1. Why is God's Existance not Obvious?

On the question of why God simply doesn't provide better evidence for his existence:


From Francis Collins,

director of the Human Gnome Project,

author of "The Lanugage of God", A scientist presents evidence for belief


"If the case in favor of belief in God were utterly airtight, then the world would be full of confident practitioners of a single faith. But imagine such a world, where the opportunity to make a free choice about belief was taken away by the certainty of the evidence. How interesting would that be? "

Collins, a scientist who believes in god, admits that it is not easy to believe in God. One is tempted to say that it might be more "interesting" than a world unnecessarily shattered by competing religious orthodoxies and religious war, only to be followed by an eternity in hell for all those who believe the wrong things about God. But, to each his own.