7. Not Omniscient, but rather stupid


How many times does gawd have to ask questions? If he were omniscient, he wouldn't have any questions.




Rather than being an inerrant revelation from God, inspired in its very words, the Bible is a very human book with all the marks of having come from human hands:

  • discrepancies,
  • contradictions,
  • errors,
  • different perspectives of different authors
    living at different times
    in different countries
    writing for different reasons
    to different audiences with different needs.

    What this all demonstrates is that the Bible is a multiple source document, and the myth of inerrancy' of the Bible is just that, a polemical myth promoted for political and social reasons: priests and preachers and prophets get their authority from the Bible, which, it is claimed, is inerrant' and thus unquestionable, which means that evangelism and church doctrines, not to mention preachers, are also authorities not to be questioned and that their dogmas and beliefs are also infallible and inerrant'.


    Nothing is presented in the bible that was beyond the knowledge of it authors; i.e. nothing omniscient.

    They didn't even know about China.

    They thought stars were little points of light.

    Enough said.