65. PRAYER ==>

65.7. Praise God for Prisoners Release

From the "Voice of the Martyrs", Prisoner Alert.com communique:




Pastor Dmitry (David) Shestakov was arrested in Andijan, Uzbekistan on Jan. 21, 2007. While he was in a prison labor camp, his wife and his three daughters missed him terribly. Exactly four years later, he was released on Jan. 21, 2011.


Praise God that Pastor Shestakov is now home with his family. Pray for the Shestakovs as they adjust back to life together. Pray also that the church in Andijan will be strengthened.


Umm - why now praise God?


Why not curse God for not getting Pastor Shestakov home with his family four years ago?


Why did it take God so long?


Why did God let Pastor Shestakov's family and his three daughters miss him terribly for four years?


Why didn't he give Pastor Shestakov's captors a change of heart with a burning bush, al a Moses or a vision al a Saul/Paul?


Pray for blah blah blah, etc. Why? If prayer worked, Pastor Shestakov would have been out of prison much earlier - or wasn't anyone praying for him until Jan 21, 2011.