56. Total Nonsense ==>
   56.2. Major Absurdities ==>

56.2.1. Genesis - Devine Revelation

Why would God, in Genesis, "reveal" His creation all ass-backwards?





Why didn't He reveal them AT LEAST in the order they occured?

Or, if they didn't appear in the order we now know, why did He trick us?


In other words, the rest of the universe, according to the Bible, matters only in its relation to the Earth, amounting to little more than some sort of cosmic window dressing.


The Bible is supposed to be the revelation of the creator of this vast, practically infinite universe to us humans here on Earth. What could this god have revealed to us in revealing the creation to us?


  • First there is darkness and light - but no sun or even stars.
  • How about clearly stating that the Earth is not flat but is a sphere that revolves around the sun?
  • How about the existence of Australia, Antarctica and the Americas?
  • How about the circumference of the Earth?
  • if planet Earth was the first thing created in the universe, then why is it just one among presumably countless numbers of planets orbiting a star?

    All of these things, when discovered, would have been devastating evidence in favor of the Bible being a product of divine revelation! Instead, it would not be until the late fifteenth century and onward (the brief Viking presence in Newfoundland aside) that Christendom would even have an inkling of these things. Again, we are told to believe that the Bible is God's revelation to us, but what discoveries has humanity made about the Earth or the universe that were facilitated because of what is written in the Bible? I can't think of anything offhand, though if any reader would care to enlighten me, I should be greatly appreciative.