53. God's covenent with Isreal

So the Jews are "God's chosen people"?


Forty years in the desert.


Reviled by most of the world.


At war most of their existance.


Doomed for Hell when the rapture occurs.

What the f___? Why is it taking so long and at so high a price?


Where's the benefit of being among God's chosen people?





What seems more likely,

that an immensely powerful and intelligent being created an infinite universe and then in all of that, on one speck of a planet in one of billions of galaxies, he picks one guy, Abraham, and makes Abraham's descendants his "chosen people,"




the priest and/or leadership cast of the Israelites found it, i.e. the concept of being "chosen", a useful way to maintain a sense of unity and cohesion to survive in a world where they were being constantly invaded and conquered by their more powerful neighbors