31. God's Tedious Rant - Jeremiah

God says that Judah has a "whore's forehead." 3:3


God will send lions and leopards to tear people into little bitty pieces.5:6


God "will send serpents, cockatrices, among you, which will not be charmed, and they shall bite you." 8:17


God is the source of evil. 11:11, 16:10-11, 19:3, 23:12, 26:3,13,19, 32:42, 35:17, 36:3, 36:31, 40:2, 42:10, 44:2, 45:5, 49:37, 51:64


God forbids others from praying for his victims. Such prayers would be useless anyway, he says, because he "will not hear them in their time of trouble." 11:14


God will kill the young men in war and starve their children to death. 11:22-23


God's sword will "devour" everyone until "no flesh shall have peace." 12:12


God will make everyone drunk and then "dash the fathers and the sons together." He vows to "not pity, nor spare, nor have mercy, but destroy them." 13:13-14


God compares the destruction of Jerusalem to the rape of a woman who deserves to be raped because she has sinned. 13:22


God promises to kill everyone by war, starvation, and disease. 14:12, 24:10, 29:17-18, 42:17-18, 22


God will destroy by famine and sword those who are misled by the prophets. 14:16


God plans to kill people with swords, tear their flesh with dogs, and feed their bodies to the birds and beasts. Why? Because of something some former king did. 15:2-4


God has ordained that everyone "shall die of grievous deaths," and that they shall neither "be lamented" nor even buried, but "they shall be as dung upon the face of the earth." 16:3-4


When the people ask why God is killing everyone, God answers by saying, "Because your fathers have forsaken me." 16:10


God says that he will do so much evil to the people that whoever learns of it will have ears that tingle. 19:3


God will make parents eat their own children, and friends eat each other. 19:7-9


God deceives Jeremiah. 20:7


God will kill everyone, "both man and beast," with a "great pestilence." 21:6


God will force all of Israel to "be drunken." Then, he'll kill them all with a sword. 24:27-28


God will kill so many people that the entire earth will be covered with their dead bodies. No one is to mourn them or even bury them, "they shall be as dung upon the ground." 25:33


Even those Jews that flee to Egypt will not be spared. God will hunt them down and kill them all with war, famine, and disease. 44:12-13


On the day of the Lord, God's sword will become drunk with blood. 46:10


"Cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood." 48:10


Jeremiah asks God to make Moab drunk so that he will "wallow in his vomit." 48:26


God will cause the daughters of Rabbah to be burned to death. 49:2


God will "break in pieces" pretty much everyone and everything he can think of. 51:21-23