26. Last Month - Another Resurrection!

I lifted this from Carol's email - unbeknownst to her.

Such bullshit. Raised from the dead after being dead three days!


I'd like to see the death certificate on this one and the proof of death.


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Conversation: I want to be saved too!!!!

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The Amazing Story of John



I am amazed at how the Lord works, utterly amazed. Before I tell you the story of John, I need to give you a quick background at where we have been. We have served the last two days in the village of Lajwetek. That village names does not mean much to most people, but it a village fo 8,000 just outside of Gulu Uganda. It was 8 months ago that I brought a team from a church in North Carolina to see about partnering with SOI in our village partnership program. We visted 5 villages and they prayed and decided it should be Lajwetek. You must understand that Lajwetek had no church, no clean source of water, was primarily run by witch doctors, has little access to schools and work. 8,000 people with little access to hope. But we have a God that knows their names. It was here in Lajwetek that God did something incredible 18 months ago. A woman named Esther lives here, and she became sick and died. But after three days being dead, the Lord brought her back to life. It has been her testimony that sparked the Lord's work in this village. SOI staff member Aloysius and his staff began to minister in Lajwetek. It was here that beginning of John's story will start to make sense. 10 months after Esther was raised from the dead, a church from North Carolina felt the Lord leading them to partner with SOI to start a ministry center in Lajwetek. That work has taken off. Since that time a clean water well has been put into the village giving people access to clean water for the first time. An SOI church plant has started with 200 people attending. 2 acres of land have been donated in the village for SOI to construct a minsitry center. This center in under construction and will include a day care, feeding program, church building, counsleing center and vocational training center for the villagers. So God is restoring hope to this land and the families. Yesterday we were in Lajwetek village we met the highest ranking leader in the village. His name is Banafas. The Pastor and I shared some time with him talking about the work SOI is doing int he village and how it is impacting the villagers. As we were walking we invited him to come to church on Sunday. He is not a believer but he agreed to come. We asked him to invite all the villagers so they could hear about Jesus. He said he would and then he said "I need to be saved too." Did you catch that, "I need to be saved to!!!!!!" So the three of us sat down together and we explained the Gospel to him. He received Jesus with us and gave his life to the Lord. Then we prayed over him and the Lord gave the name John to the Pastor as a new name for Banafas. We explained how John the Baptist went before the people and told that Jesus was coming, and how he can serve that same role for his village. We shared how he is in front of the village and is leading them, and he can lead them to Jesus. Barnafas gladly received his new name of John. A few minutes later he stood infront of a village gathering and announced that he just received Christ. He made a public declaration to his villagers that he is now following Jesus. So we have a new brother in Christ John. Praise the Lord. This story started with God raising a woman from the dead, then bringing water and a church to the village and now the leader is a follower of Christ. I have no idea what will be next, but my guess is I will be utterly amazed at what God does Praise the Lord YT


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