17. Logically False Biblical Stories ==>

17.1. And Lo, it came to pass that Exodus is not true


There never was an exodus of Jews from Egypt and there never was a Moses and hence the Bible book of Exodus is not true

and by extension, so is the whole bible not true.



Exodus is a book that contains much of what the Jewish faith and the Christian faith revere.


The central idea in Exodus is Moses.

Here we are introduced to a hero figure of the old testament. The Moses of the Bible is larger than life. The Moses of the Bible is a diplomat negotiating with the pharaoh; he is a lawgiver bringing the Ten Commandments, the Covenant, down from Sinai. The Moses of the Bible is a military man leading the Israelites in battles. He's the one who organizes Israel's judiciary. He's also the prophet par excellence and a quasi-priestly figure involved in offering sacrifices and setting up the priestly complex, the tabernacle. There's virtually nothing in terms of national leadership that Moses doesn't do.


The Qur'an mentions him more frequently than any other prophet. So, there is no doubt that Moses is important to all major faiths. We hear about Moses in the next 3 books of the bible; Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Exodus is a theme that's mentioned over and over again in various parts of the Bible


Another concept introduced in Exodus is the passover and the parting of the Red Sea..


Reference to Exodus can be found in many speeches by American presidents, even back to the founding fathers.


So, Exodus is certainly an important book in the bible.


I will show, beyond a doubt, that the events described in Exodus, did not happen.

If it can be shown that a foundational book, such as Exodus, is totally wrong and without merit, then it follows that all of the books of the Bible are probably equally false.




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