17. Logically False Biblical Stories ==>
   17.1. And Lo, it came to pass that Exodus is not true ==>
     17.1.9. How Was All This Recorded? ==>

17.1.11. Conclusion


If all of Exodus, a foundational book in the bible is false, what is the probability of the rest of the Bible being true?


I'd say zero.


The Bible never describes the Israelites as "slaves." The Israelites perform forced labor for Pharaoh, and they have Egyptian taskmasters who "ruthlessly imposed" on them. But they don't seem to be slaves in the way Joseph was a slave to Potiphar. The Israelites aren't owned by Egyptians. There appear to be limits on their maltreatment: They are compelled to supply labor, but there's no mention of them being deprived of property or banned from other work. The word "slave," which is thrown about so casually everywhere else in the Bibley doesn't appear in reference to the jews.


Summary of proof:


1. All of the events of Exodus are described ONLY in the Bible.

2. There is no way that Egypt could have become the power it was in 1447 BCE if it had suffered the damage described by the 10 plagues.