17. Logically False Biblical Stories ==>
   17.1. And Lo, it came to pass that Exodus is not true ==>

17.1.1. In the Beginning


Here's the source of the problem :
Gawd*, for no reason, promises to give land belonging to other tribes, to the jews**.THE POINT!




Exodus 3:17

And I have said, I will bring you up out of the affliction of Egypt unto the land of the ...

Canaanites, and the

Hittites, and the

Amorites, and the

Perizzites, and the

Hivites, and the


unto a land flowing with milk and honey.


So here is the place where gawd identifies the promised land. It belongs to others. The others have no quarrel with the jews but are hereafter viewed as enemies of the jews because they occupy the lands that gawd, for no reason, promises the jews. The next five books of the bible are all about reaching the jews' "promised" land.


And this becomes the rationale for the murder, genocide, baby killing, rape, slavery, plundering and all the other atrocities that appear in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua and Judges. The killing etc ends when Ruth seduces an older, rich relative (Boaz) by sneaking into his bed while he slept. But Ruth isn't one of the books that the jews revere.




* I use the word "gawd" to represent the figment of imagination you call God. I don't believe there is a God so there is no reason for me to refer to something that doesn't exist as though it exists. To use the word "God" is to acknowledge that I believe there is something that deserves my respect. I have no respect for the figment of peoples' imagination.


** I use the word "jews" rather than "Isrealites" primarily because it is easier to type. But also, because, in reading the first seven books of the bible, I have lost respect for people who revere what it depicts. For example, the jews celebrate Passover, the time when 1/3 of the Egyptian population was murdered (genocide) by your God.