16. Written by 1500 BC Taliban

Here are excerpts from an article written by David Rohde, a journalist for the New York Times who was held captive for seven months Oct, 2008 - June, 2009 by the Taliban.

The Taliban sound and act like those religious fanatics of the old testament with their glorification of their god and their belief that life after death was good.


Here are the ancestors of those early biblical authors. Still just as ignorant of the truth of the world as were their ancestors who wrote the old testament; they would have been the authors of the old testament had they lived then.


"Conversations were dominated by their unwavering belief that the United States was waging a war against Islam."

Translation: ... unwavering belief that everyone was waging a war against the Isrealites.


"The town of Makeen was colder than Miram Shah, and frequent rain and frigid temperatures created miserable conditions. Hailstorms were common and viewed as punishment from God by our captors."


"When the flea bites continued, I showed the bites on my stomach to another guard. His response was to show me his own stomach, which had no bites on it.I never get sick while Im on jihad, he said."


"The Taliban executed local men who had been declared American spies. Taliban roadside bombs blew up Afghan government trucks and American Humvees. The most popular videos documented the final days of suicide bombers."


"The guards knew little of the outside world and had limited education. They shared a book that glorified martyrdom, promising saccharine fruit juices, sumptuous food and 70 virgins in heaven. One of the guards read haltingly, pronouncing each word out loud as if he were an elementary school student."


Here's a description of Muslim treatment of villagers disiplaced in Sudan:

One of the areas Pastor Alexander oversees is the tent cities for people displaced from villages in Sudans

western region of Darfur. Tens of thousands of civilians have been murdered and thousands of

women and children raped by government soldiers and members of the government-supported

militia. About two million civilians have been driven from their homes after their villages were

attacked, pillaged, and torched.

The above excerpt is from the bio of a Reverend Alexander who lies about jesus and god to people in Sudan.

This article could have been written 3500 years ago, only replace "government" with "Isrealites with the LORD's help".

Only God and the Isrealites never left anything alive when they "utterly destroyed" some place.