12. Would Be Proofs Don't Exist


If certain things could be discovered or proven, it would give Christianity some credibility



We are finding bones of dinosaurs that over millions of year old.


You mean to to tell me that we can't find things that god created that are only 3500 years old?


The stones containing the Ten Commandments

Wouldn't you think that a "document" authored by gawd himself would be a treasure that the jews would keep track of?

Where are these stones?

And... there were two sets of them! The first set broke when Moses saw the golden calfs (hey... where are they?)

So, somewhere in the desert, near Mt Saini, there should be the broken stones literally containing the "words of gawd".

Surely, they would be easy to find ... if they existed.


And then of course, there is the second set. SURELY these stone would have been protected and kept and their destruction would have been well documented - if any of it ever actually happened.



Finding Noah's Ark

How many expeditions have gone in search of Noah's Ark?

None have found it ... nor will they ever .... because it doesn't exist.

If it were to be found, I would have to reconsider my position.

Shroud of Turin

Already shown to be a fake.

The Ark of the Covenant