Here's my world view - I doubt anyone cares

Link Description
Retirement Planning You Can Do Detailed instructions on funding a retirement portfolio and then withdrawing from it.
Invest/Withdraw Decision Making Presents multiple "what would happen if" scenarios and provides summary of results for retirement decision making.
Fee Effect Analyze effects of fees on investment performance.
Withdrawal Strategy Analyze how long one could withdraw X% a year from a portfolio that starts with $Y if starting withdrawals in year 19XX.
Alerter I changed my portfolio objectives from "agressive growth" to "income producing". This website compares the daily percent change in the DJIA to the direction of my new, high yield, high risk, income producing closed-end funds.
Emanacipation Proclamation In which I explain my life's goals, hopes, dreams and aspirations. These goals, hopes and dreams have led to my founding of The Church of Truth and the Curmudgeon Society.
Why...? Asking believers why, in spite of horrific evidence to the contrary, they still believe in a loving, benevolent, all powerful God.
Church of Truth A new church I have started in which I am the Pastor and Prime TruthSayer.
Curmudgeon Society A fun website that I started when I turned 65. From the website you can become a "card carrying, licensed, registered, certified Curmudgeon.
Evolution A good development of how there is no other conclusion than that "evolution explains the diversity of species alive today". Like Darwin, it does NOT attempt to explain how life began.
Exodus An expose' of the bible's book of Exodus. Shows how it is impossible for ancient Egypt to have reached the pinnacle of its empire while still having suffered god's alleged ten plagues.
Noah Irrefutable proof that the Noah story is just that. A story. Utter nonsense if taken literally. You can't read this and come away with any other conclusion.
Genesis Discussion of the first two chapters of Genesis. Questions the discrepancy of god's word between chapters one and two.
John My wife suggested that I read "John" instead of all the old testament books. I don't know why; I guess she was embarrassed by all the murder, killing, raping, child molestation, selling of one's daughter into slavery, etc found in the old testament. So I read John. Here's my take on John
Prayer Christians, Muslims, Jews, et. al. Everyone prays but there is not a shred of real evidence that ANY prayer has EVER been answered.
THE Ten Commandments Think you know what the 10 commandments are? You're wrong. Heres the REAL 10th commandment. Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother's milk." Check it out.
The Holey Babble Just starting (2/22/2010). An organizing schema for my atheism.
Organizing principle: "The Bible is Wrong in Every Important Testable Instance."
Atheism A place to collect all the reasons that I don't believe in god. It is not yet organized - still working on an organizing schema. Right now, it's just a dumping ground for every stream of consciousness I have about how god exists ... only in the believers mind.